Dr. Paul Singh is the founder of Staffordshire Fine Ceramics & Crown Dorset in England. He is a qualified chemist and ceramist and has a PhD degree from LEEDS university, England. For over 6 decades he has used his in-depth knowledge of ceramics and dedicated himself tirelessly to build his incredible business against all odds. Staffordshire Fine ceramics and Crown Dorset over the years have manufactured both iron stone and bone china and have been responsible for the creation and production probably of the largest range of character jugs and tea pots including novelty tea pots in the world and a vast range of hand painted works of art, which have quickly found an avid demand and market and proved to be collector’s items and highly soft after.

Beyond industrial occupation Dr. Paul Singh is passionately involved in growing trees and shrubs. He delves in antiques, is a keen collector and has a unique collection of antiques from different eras. His diverse interests and expertise truly make him a Renaissance man in the world of art and design.

Overall, the story of Staffordshire Fine Ceramics and its founder is one that showcases the power of passion, innovation, and dedication. Dr. Singh’s exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to his craft is showcased through his thousands of unique pieces. And with the first Staffordshire Fine Ceramics shop, Royal Crown Dorset opened in the heart of Tennessee, has reached even greater heights with plans for a future museum to showcase his incredible work.

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