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Let your mind wander through our eclectic collection of unique items, handmade, and hand painted sought after works of art and appreciate again the beauty of a bygone age. A constantly changing selection of genuine antiques and collectables manufactured by CROWN DORSET, STAFFORDSHIRE FINE CERAMICS of United Kingdom is always available here. Niche French perfume by Isabelle Ariana Parfums, sterling silver Jewelry, cufflinks by Crown Dorset, Vintage wood carvings from Kenya reminder of the precious wildlife, Exotic, delightful collection of teas from the magical East, beautiful bracelets and much more are. We truly have something for everyone catering to all ages, a huge selection at great prices. Browse and discover what you love and treasure. Visit and experience our new venture full of memorable and wonderful surprises.

For many years STAFFORDSHIRE FINE CERAMICS, CROWN DORSET, the company, has been responsible for the creation and production of editions which have quickly proved to be collectors’ items and treasured.

The tableware is designed to be suitable for everyday or special occasion use.

The Olde Cottage ware an unusual range of tea, coffee hand painted items combining novelty with practicality allowing you to create your own unique tea setting.

Toby and character jugs are often referred to as oil paintings on pottery and it is this description that epitomizes our range. Many Staffordshire Fine Ceramics have been published in NOVELTY TEAPOTS by Edward Bramah and TOBY & CHARACTER JUGS by David Fastenau and have a high perceived value.

An exciting range of our giftware with the delicacy of fine bone china provides much appreciated and welcome gifts, thanks to the founder of Staffordshire Fine Ceramics, Dr. Paul Singh; a true talent and well known for the largest collection of teapots.

Isabella Ariana Parfums offers an exclusive niche range of perfumes……

Isabelle Ariana Parfums was founded in 2009. Sophisticatedly crafted it has established itself as a niche French perfume house. Isabelle’s biography has been essential for building the brand Isabelle Ariana Parfums.

Isabelle Ariana is renowned for its niche perfume collection. For almost two decades, they have been combining the most precious and noblest essence with innovative design concepts, resulting in the epitome of luxury for a discerning clientele and is already a well-established French perfume house already on the shelves at high-end perfumeries in the Middle East and Europe.

The Company aspires to be recognized for its strong commitments to the environment and with its manufacturing facilities in full compliance with the International Legislations. Ensuring that all materials used are of the highest quality, almost all-natural origin. The choices they make and actions they take are reflections of their core values and become what ISABELLE ARIANA PARFUMS is today.

Dr. Paul Singh and Kirsten Ankerso

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